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Offering air purifier installation services in Barnegat, NJ

Stop spraying disinfectant all over your home - there's an easier way to keep it clean. For over 17 years, the contractors from HeatWave Heating & Cooling have been providing top-quality air purification services for homeowners in Barnegat, NJ. You can count on our crew to install an air purifier that's reliable, affordable and energy-efficient.

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Learn the basics of air purification systems

Learn the basics of air purification systems

Our team uses iWave air purifiers from Nu-Calgon for jobs in Barnegat, NJ. These units are designed to work efficiently in both residential and commercial spaces. Plus, we work with ductless units from Mitsubishi and Fujitsu.
Don't know much about air purifiers? Let's catch you up on the basics:

  • What do they do? These systems act as a disinfectant by releasing bacteria-killing ions into your air.
  • Where are they installed? Air purifiers are installed in your ductwork before your furnace or air handler.
  • How do they benefit you? They act as a permanent solution to allergens and odors in your air.

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